Kathy Maringka


in association with Kaltjiti Arts
1 November
30 November 2018

Kathy Maringka (b. c1954) is a senior artist at Kaltjiti Arts, in Fregon, APY Lands, South Australia. Her distinctive paintings capture the splendour of the bush just after the rain when the red desert is transformed by a blanket of colourful wildflowers, many of which only live for a few days.

Maringka's paintings follow the contours of the sandhill country surrounding Fregon. Purple and magenta parakeelya, pink and blue everlasting daisies, white and yellow daisies, lilac and purple mulla mullas, and blue and purple swansonias are the most prolific of the desert wildflowers.

We are always delighted to present you with Kathy Maringka's joyous wildflower paintings. In the many years we have worked with Kathy, we have witnessed how inspiring and uplifting these beautiful works are for the majority of people. She is not a prolific artist, so those lucky few who are able to live with her work are truly blessed!

Kathy Maringka, Tjulpuntjulpunpa - Desert Wildflowers, 2018

Kathy Maringka, Tjulpuntjulpunpa - Desert Wildflowers, 2018

Acrylic on linen, 153 x 122 cm
Cat. No. KAL/KM-238